About bamboo living

As the world slowly becomes more eco-conscious one of the main issues that needs to be dealt with is the exploitation of the earth's natural resources.

Enter bamboo - believed to be the fastest growing plant on the planet. This wonder plant (it's actually classified as a grass, not a tree) is considered to be one of earth's most sustainable resources.

This grass though is not to be confused with your front lawn!

For starters, bamboo can grow to over 20m tall and has been measured to grow as much as one metre in a 24 hour period! Mature bamboo stems - which are processed into bamboo boards and flooring - are harder and more rigid than many conventional hardwood timber varieties.

Bamboo reaches maturity and can be harvested in approximately 4-5 years. Compare this to hardwood trees such as ash or oak which can take 40 - 50 years to mature, then bamboo can truly claim to be an eco-wood!

If that's not enough to convince you of bamboo's eco qualities then consider that bamboo replenishes itself naturally too. New stems continually sprout from the base of the mature stem - no replanting, no pesticides and no fertilizers required.

Bamboo also boasts a positive carbon footprint - this means that the bamboo plant absorbs more Co2 during growth than is released during the manufacturing process. Bamboo also produces five times more carbon, releases two thirds more oxygen and absorbs two thirds more carbon dioxide than any other plant on the planet!

Pretty impressive...for a grass.